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Is your graphic design helping or hurting your business?

Here’s another fantastic tool for increasing your website’s conversion rate: It’s called UserTesting.com. If you haven’t used it before, you should—it’s great. It tells you why people leave your website (and loads of other interesting things).

UserTesting.com provides you with a video recording of how visitors are interacting with your website. This is done by capturing the browsing session of an anonymous usability tester and recording their spoken commentary. The video and a written summary of the tester’s views can be with you within hours. It takes less than ten minutes to commission a test…and all for just $19.

Anyway, last week, we recommended UserTesting.com to one of our new clients. This morning we reviewed the feedback, which you may find interesting:

Our client asked the following question to five usability testers: “What would have caused you to leave this website?

Here are three of the responses:

“The site seemed kind of amateurish. There was a feeling that the company did not take the website seriously.”

“In general, I think the home page needs a refresh to make it more attractive – it is now more like a virtual storefront than one from a company as well established as [company name].”

“It was unprofessional and amateur looking and hard to find the correct link to use. Regardless of what size company you may be, a website can make you look as though you are the largest company in the UK…in any industry.”

Comments like this are surprisingly common—we see them regularly.

A success story—how graphic design gave an overnight 7.4% improvement

In response to similar feedback, another of our clients carried out a very simple page re-design. They didn’t change a word of copy, nor did they change which elements were on the page, or their position. In fact, they just redesigned a few of the page elements, to give the page a more consistent design.

Here are the results:

The test results show a 7.4% increase in conversion. If that doesn’t sound like a lot to you, imagine what you’d need to pay a salesperson to increase your business by 7.4% indefinitely!

So, our message for today is, “If your visitors are concerned about the appearance or professionalism of your site, you could get a serious measurable improvement by redesigning it.”

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