An opportunity to work remotely and achieve a six figure income

We have been overwhelmed with interest for this job, so we have created a waiting list. (We are currently processing over 700 applications.) Please submit your email address here.

First, read why you’ll love working for Conversion Rate Experts

…which describes some important details about how we differ from most companies.

What you’ll get on this page

What you’ll do as a CRO consultant

You’ll be joining our highly experienced team of experts who are responsible for providing one-on-one leadership to deliver amazing (and measurable) results for our clients.

You’ll use the following:

  • Your personal expertise.
  • Our proven CRE Methodology™.
  • Our internal mastermind group.

You’ll provide our clients with the following:

  • Strategic advice.
  • Ideas and content to measurably grow their businesses.
  • Unbiased technology recommendations.
  • Highly professional project management and leadership.

The type of person we’re seeking

Getting into Conversion Rate Experts is extremely difficult, and working here is tough and challenging. We’re looking for smart, passionate, and ambitious web marketers with a proven track record of growing online businesses using conversion rate optimization (CRO). You should have expertise in most of the following:

  • Web analytics, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and offline marketing.
  • Real-world sales and direct-response marketing.
  • Understanding the psychology of a website’s visitors.
  • Usability and design of highly converting webpages and sales funnels.
  • Carrying out split tests and multivariate tests on websites.
  • Project management, motivating teams, and mentoring others.

Most importantly, you must be obsessed with conversion and must already be getting impressive results.

Are you already consulting? We understand that you may already have clients or projects of your own, and that’s fine. Please mention this in your application. Many of our consultants have the freedom of being self-employed—although this does mean you’ll manage your own taxes and home-office expenses. We can give you guidance on this.

As mentioned at the top of this page, we have a waiting list for this job. If you’d like to be added to the list, please submit your email address here.

Note that, for obvious reasons, if you work for one of our clients—or for a company actively considering using our services—we can’t consider you for this job, unfortunately.