Does your website connect users to other users?

The core function of many online businesses is to play “matchmaker”—to bring people together. Dating sites are the obvious example, but such businesses also include auction sites, trading platforms, job sites, social networks and classifieds sites.

The definition could also be extended to businesses that depend on user-generated content, like YouTube, Facebook, IMDb and StackOverflow.

In the following talk, we describe a winning strategy for both types of business, as well as some tools and techniques that are effective for growing them.

(We also show you a ridiculously simple strategy for beating people at the game Connect 4.) pa The talk was originally given to the members of ICMA, the International Classified Media Association. If you have seen our talks before, we recommend you skip to the 7:40 minutes point and watch until the 18:50 minutes point, so you can see a strategy that will help you beat your competitors.

Here are the slides:

The slides from the talk, some of which may be confusing without the audio (see the video below).

And here’s a video of the talk:


A video of the talk.

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